Durango DESC410R Short Course Truck

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Just when you thought short course racing had reached its zenith, 2011 begins with several new entries in the 4WD short course racing class. When the rumors began to spread that Team Durango, a company known for its outside-the-box thinking, quality design and pure racing focus, was developing a 4WD short course racer—anticipation grew. Durango has been on a tear recently, with a wildly successful 4WD buggy, the DEX410, that has been dominating 1/10-scale tracks across the country and the new nitro 1/8-scale buggy, the DNX408, that’s being piloted by some of the fastest guys in 1/8-scale racing. Durango is a company that is “serious about racing” and the new DESC410R promises to continue that tradition. With all four tires clawing for traction, the new DESC410R just may be the quickest way around the track, let’s see if it has what it takes to dominate the hottest class in short course RC racing.



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  1. mobilow says:

    Hey nice test in the magazine. By the way the 1.3mm allen ist just a 050 inch allen, so you dont have to buy a new one. Also add a 5-7 mm spacer inside the rear shock bodies to reduce droop, out of the box the droop of the rear axle is to big.

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