Schumacher Gear Diff For Mi4

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We are pleased to announce a new gear diff for the Mi4 range of cars.

Made by World Champion gear diff suppliers Spec R this will fit directly into the Mi4CX but will also fit older cars with blade style drive shafts, such as the Mi3, Mi3.5, Mi4, and Mi4LP.

So far in testing our drivers have been using Schumacher 70wt – 100wt shock oil in the diff for best results.

Just build, fit and race!! Very little maintenance is required compared to regular ball diff under high load conditions with modern powerful brushless systems.

G868 – Gear Differential by Spec R – Mi4

G869 – Spec-R Gear Set

G870 – Gear Diff Screw Set (10pcs)

G871 – Gear Diff. Gasket Set (V.11)


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