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This tip isn’t just for Traxxas vehicles. In fact, this tip is especially handy for rock crawlers which because reverse is used so often can suffer from loose wheels. It isn’t too well known, but Traxxas offers optional machined wheel nuts that have sharp serrations cut into the back. When these 7mm nuts are used (they fit 4mm axles) with plastic rims, they stay on extremely well. You’ll notice how well they grip when you go to remove them. Check these nuts out, they have a nice blue anodized finish and fit a huge number of vehicles.

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  1. Nitrohobbiest (Mike) says:

    They do work pretty well but they also put a beating on the rim’s hub. If your the type of guy/gal that has a need to remove your wheels frequently whether to make adjustments or to replace broken steering blocks, lol, this will eat up your wheel every time you remove them. The alternative is Loctite Threadlock but its not a tighten and go method. It needs to set up for several hours or overnight to truly be effective.You also need to be careful to not get it on the wheel too much as it eats plastic a bit. Which leaves the old fallback nylock nuts. These work pretty well when they are new but they should be replaced often. Is there a low budget solution? Well, in my opinion, the answer is no. But if you don’t remove your wheels often, the Traxxas machined nuts (HPI has a similar version that comes stock with the HPI Blitz ESE) will work great. Threadlock is great if you have the time. And Nylocks are great if you buy in bulk!

  2. Fishhook says:

    “check these nuts out”…….. LOL

  3. Fishhook says:

    How can I get my hands on these nuts??

  4. Racer X says:

    Do you want some free CD’s?

    CD’s nuts!

  5. JustinN says:

    A definite upgrade worth considering. I’ve had issues with loose nuts on buggies too, not just crawlers.

  6. Fuzzy says:

    But I always enjoy seeing my wheels go faster the the vehicle and have to get chased down. Then try to find the stupid nut and the that itty bitty pin.

  7. Traxxas Secure Wheel Pit Tip says:

    [...] RC Car Action Tags: Secure, Traxxas, Wheel [...]

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