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Kyle Busch Traxxas Sneak Peek NASCAR Race Replica–EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS ADDED!

Kyle Busch Traxxas Sneak Peek NASCAR Race Replica–EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS ADDED!

Make sure you check back later, but what we can tell you now is that Traxxas has just recently unveiled a 1/16-scale 4WD on-road NASCAR race truck with a Kyle Busch paint scheme. It appears that brushed and brushless versions will be available and that it will share all of the same features as Traxxas other on-road 1/16-scale vehicles such as Revo-style inboard shocks, full ball bearings, sealed 4WD drivetrain, waterproof electronics and more. We’ll have the full scoop shortly.








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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:48 PM


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    1. Really?! I think this truck looks sick and I’m not even a Kyle Busch fan. I want this truck. I want my buddies to get this truck. And, I want to create a makeshift short track oval in my driveway.

  2. what another toy…where did all the 1/10 scale go …i want to race and tune…

  3. I think this will be HUGE as a cross-promotional product. At the very least it will expose new people to the hobby; much like the short course stuff.

  4. I actually kinda like it, and i’m not one to like the traxxas mini’s. i would like to see a new platform, like a 1/10th version that’s not revo based, but it is pretty cool.

  5. The body in all is cool and so are the wheels. But why not just convert what you have such as a slash vxl or mini revo to this?!

  6. I smell a new spec class that could give on-road/oval a good shot in the arm . . . . .

  7. kinda wish it was 2wd 😛 it would be awesome to have a full field of trucks

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