ORCA Electronic Speed Controls Suspended For Six Months By ROAR

May 03, 2011 3 Comments by

As a result of actions that were in direct violation of instructions from a ROAR Executive Committee member, ORCA brand speed controls are not permitted in ROAR sanctioned competition for the next six months. The violation stems from a discussion about the true amount of timing in the second generation of ESC from the brand, in which it was not in compliance with the zero timing specification as indicated in the rules. Given that it was only days before the event, it was instructed that the new ESC and the software could not be used. Upon further inspection, it was determined that the new software was loaded on to the previous generation ESC, in direct violation of the timing rule itself, and the instructions of the Technical Director. The six month suspension will take effect 5/1/11, and assuming a satisfactory agreement can be made before the 11/1/11 expiration, the ORCA ESCs can be considered for use in ROAR competition again.

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3 Responses to “ORCA Electronic Speed Controls Suspended For Six Months By ROAR”

  1. legal eagle says:

    Do these companies not realize that people are MORE likely to boycott them if they find out they are cheating? I’d much rather buy a product from an honest company that finished 3rd over a company that cheats to win. It’s a toy car race, people – get real.

  2. Kent says:

    A better question: Who’s ORCA??????? Never heard of then before and would have never heard about them if they weren”t caught cheating. Good for ROAR.

  3. sono says:

    this what you get when try slap a rule about ever thing…there to many brands out there …..they should only have one brand esc that you can run…in should be like nascar…every run the same..there will always be cheaters…bar them

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