XRAY RX8 XCA Aluminum Pinion Gears

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High-strength pinion gears (1st & 2nd gear) made from tough 7075 T6 alu and specially hardcoated for superior strength, light weight, and high durability. Created on a special gear machine, all pinions feature ultra-precise tooth shaping and ultra-true running for vibration-free operation. Fine internal threading allows easy installation on XCA clutchbells (standard or lightweight versions). Each pinion is fine etched with the tooth number for easy & quick identification.

Available in popular gearing sizes, allowing you to find the perfect gear ratio for any track.

  • Ultra-strong 7075 T6 alu pinions
  • Hardcoated
  • Lightweight
  • High durability
  • Range of pinion gear sizes
  • Created on specially gear machine
  • Ultra-true, vibration-free running
  • Easy installation
  • Fine etched for easy identification

#348516 XCA Alu Pinion Gear – 16T (1st) – 7075 T6 – Hardcoated – NEW
#348517 XCA Alu Pinion Gear – 17T (1st) – 7075 T6 – Hardcoated
#348518 XCA Alu Pinion Gear – 18T (1st) – 7075 T6 – Hardcoated – NEW
#348519 XCA Alu Pinion Gear – 19T (2nd) – 7075 T6 – Hardcoated – NEW
#348520 XCA Alu Pinion Gear – 20T (2nd) – 7075 T6 – Hardcoated
#348521 XCA Alu Pinion Gear – 21T (2nd) – 7075 T6 – Hardcoated – NEW


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