Microsoft and Kyosho Partner up?

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Last weekend I was out in Las Vegas for the anual Silver State Nitro Challenge and I decided to stay an extra day in order to attend the NAB (National Association of BroadCasters) Show. Anything that has to do with broadcasting was there. Whether your the IT guy for the TV station, sound engineer, camera operator, or lighting specialist, everything you need know about broadcasting was there. The one thing that caught my eye… the Canon 85mm 1.2L series lens, sexy and then some. If anyone wants to get one for me I’d be more then appreciative. Anyways, I’m getting off topic.

The real story was just a few blocks down the infamous Las Vegas Strip at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Every year Microsoft holds a conference called MIX, which is focused specifically towards developers. At MIX, Microsoft tries to raise the bar with some geeked out project. A few months back, Microsoft contacted Kyosho America about a joint project that involved the world famous Mini Z and the new Windows Phone 7. I bet you can guess where this is already going. That’s right, Microsoft did some R&D and created an app that uses the touch screen as a throttle and brake and accelerometer as a steering wheel to control the Mini Z. That’s pretty cool. To top it off, Microsoft devised a camera system which features recognition software that detects shape, color, and transponder in order to follow the leader on the track. The system then displays up on a giant LCD TV with current race postions and video that’s switching from camera to camera as the cars pass by them. Think of NASCAR coverage for your Mini Z race. On site to talk about this brilliant partnership was Efrain Monzano of Kyosho America and Mike Downey of Microsoft. Turns out, Mike is a huge fan of RC and more importantly Kyosho products. I had the privilege to drive his race prepped Mini Z with KoPropo EX-10 Eurus radio, it was wicked fast. I may have to build one for myself after driving it. In the end, could this possibly be something much larger then Mini Z’s? Personally, it’s more then just being able to control your RC car from your phone but think about the possibilities for future event coverages and being able to follow the leaders on the track from your home TV, tablet, or even cell phone. It’s all about being connected in more ways then you ever thought possible.

John Cary, Kyosho

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I've raced just about every type of RC car, traveled the world shooting RC races, but at the end of the day though, you'll most likely find me behind the wheel of a 1/8-scale nitro buggy at my local track. I'm a Southern California native, which on any given day allows me the opportunity to race on just about any surface or facility of my choosing. Before I was heavily into RC most of my attention was focused towards photography. Since, all of the experience that I've gained and learned has been projected towards RC photography. I'm fueled by the idea of creating something new every time I head to take pictures. Whether it's portraits, racing action, or a track panoramas.

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  1. Raymond Curtis says:

    Great interview! I happened to be one of the representatives contributing to the running of the event in supporting Kyosho, Microsoft and of course PN Racing and Reflex Racing whom were present as well.
    I don’t recall meeting you so maybe you did the interview early in the morning but sorry to have missed the opportunity to talk RC with you. Did you get a chance to use the Xbox controller Mini-z’s?
    Keep up the good work.

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