Pro-Line Comments On Wider Short Course Tires and Racing

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As an active competitor with numerous national and world championship victories to its credit, Pro-Line plays an important role in RC racing. Like any company, Pro-Line naturally wants to offer products that its customers believe will provide them with the best performance or even a competitive advantage. Its latest short course tires have been somewhat controversial in that the significant feature has been that they are wider. After announcing the first wider short course tire, the Suburbs SC 2.0, the U.S. racing sanctioning body, ROAR, released an announcement stating the tire width rule would be under review. This essentially meant the tires could be deemed illegal for ROAR sanctioned events even before they hit hobby store shelves. While that seems to be still under development, Pro-Line has announced an additional “wide” tire, the Caliber SC 2.0. Pro-Line’s Tim Clark of Product Development, offered some additional insight on the topic. He made it clear that Pro-Line supports ROAR and further stated, “It is important to note that we have achieved the extra contact patch of the SC 2.0 tires primarily by reshaping the tire carcass in the upper corners that we refer to as the hips. This is not an “Extra Large” tire. For example, the actual overall width of the SC 2.0 tires are still within 1mm of a OEM Traxxas Kuhmo tire. The SC 2.0 tire designs are also well within the 1.850 provision maximum width that ROAR published some years ago. Stating that SC tires could be limited to a tread detail of 1.65“ has caused some confusion as even OEM Traxxas, Associated and Losi tires do not seem to fit this envelope. All this aside, we are sure that consumers will be pleased with the performance of the Caliber SC 2.0.”

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  1. Jeff says:

    I way game for new suburbs that have a bigger contact patch and longer wear. Great tire!

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