ROAR Announces Short Course Tire Width Rule Under Review

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The recent release of “wide” short course tires has prompted a review of the rule, specifically regarding width. The previous year’s rulebook didn’t include a maximum width, which in reference to rule 7.3.7 means that the tread width of the tire couldn’t exceed the maximum width of the wheel – in this case it’s 1.65 in. (41.9mm). Upon publication of the latest revision of the 2010 rulebook at the very end of 2010, a maximum width of 47mm similar to the provisional rules of 2008 was inserted, which was done without the review or approval of the Executive Committee. The width rule is therefore under review by the ExCom, the result of which will clarify the maximum allowable width of tire legal for use in ROAR competition for the 2011 season.

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