1st Look At The New Venom Gambler Short Course Truck

Mar 07, 2011 8 Comments by

Venom shipped out the new RTR Gambler Short Course Truck last week and we received both a brushed and brushless version.

Only the motor, speed control and body separate these 2 trucks since they are both packed with great features like VCD precision universal drives, sealed radio box, threaded composite shocks, VR3S 3-channel 2.4ghz radio, and a 3 piece Beadlox wheel system with Griplox inserts. They even include 8 AA batteries for your radio, a 3000mah 7 cell NiMH pack, wall charger, and both come setup with a mid motor layout and parts are included to switch it to a rear motor configuration.

Look for a review of this exciting new truck soon.

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8 Responses to “1st Look At The New Venom Gambler Short Course Truck”

  1. william mossor says:

    I’ve heard these truck’s are water proof . is that true ?

    • Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

      Some people might state that no electric truck is 100% “waterproof” but they can be water resistant. For example the receiver is enclosed in a sealed radio box to keep out water, dirt, and debris.

  2. Tim says:

    both traxxas.com and maxamps.com have 100% waterproof models and batteries

  3. sono says:

    they need to sell this in a factory team kit..roller….a.s.a.p

  4. TamiyaTim says:

    Looks like I could snap those A-arms off with a strong breeze…

    • Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

      Tim, I know you are just making an armchair engineering comment, but honestly it is a little too early to make claims like that.

  5. Geo says:

    How is this New?!?!?!?!
    It was “New” 9 months ago.
    I’m surprised this wasn’t a kit to begin with, or was it supposed to be? can’t remember
    You don’t even have to be an armchair engineer to know that venom builds toys= brittle plastic and misshapen gears.
    With out seeing it I would put it on par with redcat and exceed, which has no place in the hobby grade IMO, but with all the money they make they pay the bills

    • Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

      It was announced last year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and was called the SCX at the time. Back then there were only CAD renderings: http://forums.radiocontrolzone.com/showthread.php?t=258462

      This has always been targeted to be released as a RTR, and is now shipping out. Perhaps they will release it as a kit down the road.

      As far as the plastics go, again I think you need to see in action 1st before you judge how it will hold up.

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