X Factory Releases Brian Kinwald

Mar 02, 2011 9 Comments by

“This is the most difficult decision I have ever made in over 40 years of business,” said X Factory’s Chazz Sinclair. “Working with Brian Kinwald has been one of the best experiences possible for our very small company. He has always been a consummate professional. It turns out that Brian is currently considering some great opportunities from other companies that will pay him much more than our small company can afford.”

X Factory president Paul Sinclair added, “We are moving forward on all fronts. There was a difficult period while my Dad was in the hospital, but everything is now in stock to continue selling our buggies and trucks and we are looking forward to the next batch of SCX – 60 chassies.

“Most important, we hope to have two prototypes of our new 4WD car at Cactus, and just a few days later to have one in U.K. and one in Belgium. It will be difficult to make this happen – time is short – but we are all focused on that goal.

“Building a complete new car is an expensive long-term project and we are committing every available resource to it. X Factory continues to grow as the leader in 1/10 EP.”

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9 Responses to “X Factory Releases Brian Kinwald”

  1. Kacz says:

    When did Brian leave X-Ray??

  2. HBC says:

    thats one of the problems in this country of ours, GREED!

  3. Justwill75 says:

    Kinwald, should go to TLR, but he may just go all out Durango on all of us………………..He wil be good for any team he goes to.

  4. nitsua eloc says:

    rc racing is a hobby, a sport but can be a way of life and even a business. obviously decisions inevitably are made for monetary reasons. i’ve never met either of the parties, however i wish them both the best. Both have our (rc racers) best interests at heart.

  5. atarit3 says:

    Is this news? I keep seeing Kinwald holding up his Team Durango SC on the web, hint??????

    This sounds more like an official “He gave his 2 weeks notice” kinda thing. Guess we should get a hold of Losi and AE, have them give an official statement too that they’ve release Kinwald (albeit about 15 year late)

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