Novak GTB 2 And Havoc 2S VTA Systems

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Novak has partnered with Trans-Am U.S. Vintage R/C Racing Association to bring affordable, reliable and undeniably quick racing products to the growing Vintage Trans-Am class. These impressive VTA products meet the Trans-Am Association’s guidelines, and each motor is equipped with a unique blue, anodized sleeve to differentiate it as a VTA specific product. With the success of these products, Novak is pleased to introduce an updated line of VTA items, including some brand new products!

GTB 2 VTA Systems

Team Novak is pleased to introduce two new Vintage Trans-Am systems featuring the new GTB 2 Sportmsan Brushless Racing ESC. This ESC includes the most sought after technology on the market without timing adjustments or a PC interface. The GTB 2 Sportsman / SS Pro Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3089V) includes the SS Pro motor, an economical option with trusted reliability for high-powered racing.

The GTB 2 Sportsman / Ballistic Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3088V) is also available, and features the fully rebuildable Novak Ballistic motor. This system is an upgrade from the SS Pro motor, but both systems are offered at a low, affordable price! The GTB 2 included in these new combos comes with a low profile heat sink for compact installation and efficient cooling.

Havoc 2S VTA Systems

Novak’s Vintage Trans-Am line includes two Havoc 2S combos. The Havoc 2S / SS Pro Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3037V) and Havoc 2S / Ballistic Brushless System 25.5T VTA (#3045V) now include a factory installed low profile heat sink. The heat sink provides plenty of cooling without taking up space!

Novak’s new and updated products are now available for purchase. These special VTA items are offered by Novak or one of Novak’s USVTA Dealers. For a list of dealers, as well as full specifications and features of Team Novak’s US Vintage Trans-Am products, visit our VTA webpage.

For more information about the U.S. VTA series or to see the complete list of tracks that support VTA racing, click here.


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