Hitec X2 Ultima Two-Channel Charger

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Recharging your high amperage batteries has never been easier or more affordable than with our all-new X2 Ultima two-channel charger. Featuring dual 200-watt power ports, this efficient charger will charge two Lithium, NiCd, NiMH or Lead Acid packs at once. It is capable of delivering 10 amps of charging current and can discharge your packs at up to 5 amps for efficient battery maintenance.

Perfect for all electric aircraft and surface hobbyists, the X2 Ultima will power your larger batteries in a short period of time and at a price that can’t be beat. High charging power, low cost.

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Stock# 44164: X2 Ultima Two-Channel Charger Includes two balancing boards and an assortment of connectors
Estimated Street Price: $159.49

Available Accessories:

Stock# 44152: FP/Thunder Power Battery Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44153: Polyquest/HP Battery Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44154: EH/JST Type Battery Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44155: XH Type Battery Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44159: Hitec X4/X2 Cable with Temperature Sensor
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

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  1. Chris says:

    Is that 5 amps per channel or 10 amps on each? Is it actually available yet, if so from where?

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