Tower Hobbies Celebrates 40 Years And Announces Sweepstakes

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An enthusiastic R/C modeler, Bruce Holecek, founded Tower Hobbies in 1971 with only $800 and a dream. In just a few short years, his dream evolved into the world’s most respected, most popular mail-order hobby company!

Tower Hobbies’ reputation as the world’s best hobby store holds true forty years later. Today, the company has over 300,000 loyal customers, and the number continues to grow each day! Mr. Holecek’s dedication to providing first-class service and affordable prices is a testament to the company’s lasting success.

Over the past four decades, Tower Hobbies revolutionized the hobby industry in many exciting ways. One early innovation (toll-free “800” telephone lines) made it possible to reach more customers. Tower Hobbies’ annual catalogs, another key innovation, function as sales tools and as valuable sources of information.

In 1994, Tower Hobbies revolutionized the industry once again, becoming the first hobby company to have its own web site. Upon launch, was an instant hit with customers, who helped make it the winner of the prestigious BizRate Circle of Excellence Award ten years in a row.

To show its appreciation, Tower Hobbies is announcing a 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Entrants can win a free Tower Hobbies Gift Certificate worth up to $1,000. Subscribe to Tower Hobbies’ e-mail newsletter for a chance to win, and become a part of Tower Hobbies’ lasting legacy!


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5 Responses to “Tower Hobbies Celebrates 40 Years And Announces Sweepstakes”

  1. brandon grossnicklaus says:

    I love tower hobbies!! ya ll rock,keep up the great service!

  2. scoobyvoodoo says:

    I too am a fan of Tower Hobbies. I have been ordering from them for over 20 years.

    However, I can also remember a time when their service was alittle more personal and reliable. It makes no sense when you call with questions about a product and the person on the other end of the phone has no more info to give other than what is given on their product web page or what is in their catalog. I think they are slipping a bit and sometimes more frequently than not I am finding myself ordering from other vendors that still have that personal feel and less of a “rock star” or “we’re the only and best” status and mentality. Their service has been better. Hopefully they will make some changes to get back on the same level with the customer.
    Other than that, Congratulations on an awesome 40yrs!!

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