TrakPower 60C LiPo Packs

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The new TrakPower 60C LiPo Packs represent the latest in LiPo technology and are approved for ROAR-sanctioned 1/8 and 1/10 scale events! Massive continuous discharge ratings of up to 60C and capacities up to 6200mAh provide pure power and blistering speeds for every kind of racing. Featuring Deans® Ultra Plug® connectors, TrakPower LiPo packs are built for dominance at any event.

TKPC0270 2S 7.4V 50C 6200mAh LiPo Pack $99.99
TKPC0390 2S 7.4V 60C 5600mAh LiPo Pack $99.99
TKPC0450 4S 14.8V 60C 5600mAh Lipo Pack $179.99

TrakPower LiPo Packs are available early February.


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  1. electricdave says:

    Had some gold TrackPower’s back in the day, nice packs. Glad to see they have a 4s option.

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