Big Release Coming Soon

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RC Car Action, your number one source for exclusive new releases, will be unveiling a hot new release this Friday (1/28/11) at 6 PM. Make sure you come here to RC Car Action‘s website for the big release, but also check in before the official release time for hints hidden around the site. On Friday, we’ll have exclusive videos, driving reports, specs, behind the scenes photos and much more. Only at RC Car Action!


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19 Responses to “Big Release Coming Soon”

  1. ShortCourseOnly says:

    I guess it will be the Associated SC44 finally!!

  2. sal says:

    I know its the new 4×4 sct, but i would really love a 1/5. that would be amazing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These Teaser Ads for AE’s new SCT = FAIL. Quit the teasers and just release the darn thing.

  4. Almond McClain says:

    I was generally interested, very curious. Now I’m anxious.
    What a tease!

    Still interested…….

  5. right says:

    can you say belt driven 4×4…..just release it

  6. nick says:

    It’s an SC44 it said get redy!
    “Four wheels have never had it so good.”

  7. FlyBoy38L says:

    Ha, 6PM in what Time Zone? =P I’m very anxious to see this release tomorrow! It will be like Christmas!

  8. right says:

    Sorry can you say….. Belt Driven 4x4SC……The new Losi 4×4 is really fast but this truck takes it to a new level. The Ass4x4SC is also Lighter… …Wicked fast truck… pulls hard and looks to soon be fastest in my eyes…….Just wait it’s all tru kids……

  9. nitsua eloc says:

    the teasers are a marketing tool. and it works, look we’re here taking the time to type/talk about it. associated has a new 550 modified sc motor available. who uses a 550 in a 2wd sc ? it’s gonna be a sick 4wd. maybe based on the b44.1 ? maybe belt driven as “right” mentioned ? maybe based on the rc8e. yeah these darn teasers are workin. got my attention, i’ll be hittin refresh button tomorrow. I consider associated the best, so lets see what area 51 has done. my blind prediction : ” A towering home run”

  10. Anonymous says:

    maybee losi has a new 4wheel .lol

  11. Anonymous says:

    If its an AE car just tell us next year when it gets in the stores,

  12. right says:

    It will be ready 30 days or so after Losi thats why thy want you to wait……….Completly original belt driven beast. Team Associated once again waits and produces a superior product. In a couple months it will be out…not a year…..

  13. Kenny McCormick says:


  14. atarit3 says:

    AE has a black pic on their site right now, saying “4 wheels have never had it so good”.

    from the pic it looks just like an SC10 body, with the same flimsy front bumper.

  15. Sal says:

    If its team associated they already put the sc10 4×4 on their website

  16. right says:

    told ya all

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