David Joor back on track with 1/10th offroad for 2011

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“Last week Speedster Hobbies / The Clay Pit hosted the first RC Pro Electric Shootout in Cedar Park Texas. It brought several fast guys such as Mike Truhe, Chris Jarosz, David Joor, Kyle Skidmore, Dave Mangelsdorf, and Ron Atomic. With 10th scale picking up speed again with brushless and lipo technology becoming mainstream these days, this race had a healthy attendence of 160+.

I finished 2nd overall in 2wd Modified behind the TQ/1st of Mike Truhe and Chris Jarosz finishing in a very close 3rd. There were a lot of power combinations to choose from on this surface and stuck with a Tekin 13.5 and the RS Pro . The track had a lot of bite but a slight amount of dust 1 foot off the line and timing was critical for a few jumps to 180 degree turns so the lower torque of the 13.5 helped keep the car under control and it pulled like a beast down the straight. In fact the end of the straight sweeper was my personal passing point on other drivers. In stock I finished 3rd behing Truhe and Jarosz. I had the fastest laptimes in stock over the likes of Truhe and Jarosz but could just never put together a mistake free run which is what it took to win. Traffic was a crucial skill needed which I lacked practice in for sure. Stock was a spec 17.5 with the RC Pro set to TP1 for the stock mode.”

David Joor

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