Custom Tools + Me = Total RC Geekdom

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I remember the first time I laid eyes on a set of Hudy Professional tools in the pits–it was many, MANY years ago (maybe a over a decade ago?!) and Mark Pavidis was wrenching on his buggy.  Among the symphony of movements Mark made as he wrenched on his cars sat these black anodized tools, arguably the coolest RC tools I had ever seen.  I inched closer to see them up close, and not only were they Hudy wrenches, but they also had the name Mark Pavidis etched into the handles in script writing.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  They were personalized specifically for Mark.  “How the $*#& could I get a set of these tools?” I thought, knowing I would never win a ROAR Nats or IFMAR Worlds.  Guys like Mark have Hudy tools sent to them; I, on the other hand, would have to wait patiently for Hudy to offer them to the public…

It may have taken over ten years, but I finally got my set of Hudy tools.  I realize for some people, this wouldn’t be a big deal.  Still, these tools arrived today, complete with my name etched into the handles AND silk-screened into the carrying case.  I’m still in a bit of shock, and yes I’m aware that these are “only” tools…but for an RC geek like me who had aspired to having a set of personalized tools all of those years ago, I’m a bit speechless (but able to blog, fortunately).  I have to thank Hudy and RC America for the tool set; needless to say, these mean something to me!
Cool RC stuff has a strange but welcome effect on me.  When I opened the bag today and reached into the Fed Ex box and pulled out my “Stephen Bess” Hudy tool set, I wanted to run to my workbench and build a new kit just so I could use them.  I wanted to drive to the track, and lay these tools out on my bench like a magician performing a card trick.  How much of a RC geek could one person be?  Guilty as charged…

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The RC geek in me can’t stand it.

As RC guys, there’s a certain feeling we all get when our equipment is new or freshly built.  Is there any cooler feeling than finishing the build on an 1/8-scale buggy, and sitting back to admire its shiny plastics, clean shocks, and flawless hard-anodized chassis plate?  We all take pride in our equipment.  It’s what makes us RC guys, and not Radio Shack oops-I-broke-it guys.  This is the reason I don’t feel so badly about parading my new Hudy tools around like a 10yr old who just won a 50-yard sprint field-day ribbon.  I’ve already shown this tool set to two friends.  Believe it or not, I didn’t care what they thought–I was too happy to worry about it.
Little, personal victories that make us proud…that’s what RC is about to me.  Whether it’s going faster than my last qualifying time, building a new buggy, or having my own set of personalized tools, the details don’t matter.  It’s the sense of pride in our hobby that keeps me coming back.

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Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails…

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9 Responses to “Custom Tools + Me = Total RC Geekdom”

  1. Scott Tucker says:

    Yep, Geekdom at its finest!!! Who did you bribe to get those Stephen??

  2. Kevin says:

    Bess -

    ANY customized tool is enough to make any man happy! No matter what the tool is for!!



  3. Kenny Brown says:

    I dont even race anymore and Im still jealous… You suck!

  4. Sean Earnest says:

    I’m jealous!!!

  5. Aaron Waldron says:

    Gorgeous. Hudy tools aren’t the most sought after for no reason.

  6. Kendall Bennett says:

    I want some!!

  7. Keith Henry says:

    Nice. Love the carring case.

  8. Lee Burchfield says:

    Some things never change, eh, Stephen? And yes, I’m just as jealous as the rest of the guys here.

  9. James Mikoliczyk says:

    Must be nice. Maybe one day I too will know the feeling……………… One day.

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