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I liked Matt Higgins’ blog post with the RC10 from the Dead Pool. We enjoyed watching the clip. And, it’s cool that I now work with the guys who made that happen. It got me thinking about other movies that featured RC cars. I’d say the Dead Pool is one of the most famous movies with RC in it, but there are others such as Small Soldiers. That movie was packed full of RC vehicles. Oceans 11 featured a sick large-scale Ford Bronco that raced a full-size Bronco. In Bad Boys 2 a Tamiya TXT-1 was used to blow up the bad guys. Then you have Transformers where a parted together Tamiya/HPI truck is one of the robots. So what other movies feature RC? Do you know?


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Simply put, I’m all about nitro. Well, almost. I’m down with electric for crawlers and some indoor racing, but if you really want to get my attention, it better make some smoke and noise. I’m a regular racer and I usually go with 1/8-scale buggy and truggy. When I’m not racing, I am usually fabricating custom parts and even entire vehicles.

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  1. Ray Ray 1337 says:

    The physical prop for Wheelie’s (the Transformer) vehicle mode used for the movie is a modified monster truck version of a Ford F-350 pick-up truck, specifically a customized Tamiya F-350 High Lift R/C including a grille guard, with the body slightly shortened and mounted on an HPI Wheely King chassis. Other modifications include the use of Integy Alloy TVP chassis plates, HPI Spike Truck Wheels and (possibly scratch-built) fender add-ons for the truck body itself. A prop for one of Wheelie’s feet, complete with an attached tire, was also made

  2. Stuart Jones says:

    Fred Claus features a scene in Santa’s workshop where you can see elves working on a string of original HPI baja 5b’s.

  3. Cam Spencer says:

    Tamiya’s Subaru Brat was featured in “The Manhattan Project” with John Lithgow & a TXT-1 in “Bad Boys II.”

  4. reedthis1 says:

    I believe that Alvin and the Chipmunks had an E-Maxx.

  5. Kevin Hetmanski says:

    I know it’s not a movie but RC was a major part of a Punky Brewster episode. It featured a lot of Tamiya vehicles. And yes, I did watch Punky Brewster.

  6. Matthew hill says:

    the opening sequence in Poltergeist.. to kids were playing with r/c cars. you gotta check out those radio/transmitters.

  7. Ray Ray 1337 says:

    i saw an episode of knight rider where KITT took control of a Tamiya it was the 4th episode of season 4 it had a plane that was hijacked by an ex-intelligence agent who demands money and the release of political prisoners.

  8. Jason Earley says:

    There’s an older movie (1993) called “Remote” that has tons of RC action in it. It’s based around a kid that has to stop some bad guys Home Alone style. It even features a yodeling RC mountain climber.

  9. Jay says:

    T2: Judgment Day. Don’t know what truck it was, but Miles Bennett Dyson’s son, Danny, was playing with one and ran it into his dad’s leg unwittingly saving his dad’s life. RC, unsung hero of Terminator 2.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Also in the movie Child’s Play when Andy is going through his
    closet Rc10 was in his closet

  11. Matthew hill says:

    The Specialist! Julianna moore has a radio control dump truck! looks like a tamiya using a tonka body.

  12. wilton Claudino Câmara says:

    Moro in Brazil, my son this me leaving bananas, wishing him I buy a BAJA IPH”. As I for the purchase one for him? I would like the petrol.

  13. rccarsrule1000 says:

    i say a micro dt on this show r.l. stines the hunting hour when he looks through the wall and there all his toys including a micro dt

  14. andrew says:

    Fantastic list! These are a bit more obscure maybe and no cars:
    Love Liza: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character flies RC planes and gets addicted to huffing fuel.
    The Last Word: Ray Romano flies an RC helicopter
    Wanda: In a pivotal scene Wanda and her lover have a fight as RC planes are piloted overhead.
    Vigilante: A young family picnics in Brooklyn Bride park and flies a powered sailplane.

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