Upgrade Your Brushless Motor With Novak’s Ballistic Epoxy Dipped Hand Wound Stators & 1S Graded Sintered Rotor

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Novak’s Ballistic 540 Hand-Wound Stators have revolutionized the R/C motor market since their debut over a year ago. A Novak motor’s turn can be changed with the simple switch of a stator; cost effective and convenient!

Novak continues to transform the brushless motor market by introducing the all new Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Hand Wound Stators – 6.5T – 25.5T (#S6606E – #S6625E). These new stators include all of the features of Novak’s hand wound stators with the added benefits of epoxy. Each of the eight stators offer strengthened reliability and higher power operation performance of the motor— ideal for extreme racing conditions.


The Ballistic Hand Wound Stators are dipped in a special motor winding epoxy and then oven-cured for several hours. Once the epoxy is cured, it prevents the wires in the stator from moving or rubbing against the laminations and other wires in extreme racing conditions. Preventing this unwanted contact avoids shorts in the motor coils, which can lead to premature failure. The epoxy also helps transfer heat from the wires to the lamination, helping motor operation at higher power levels.
All around, the epoxy coating improves the reliability of Novak’s already high-quality stators and provides extreme vibration resistance.


The Ballistic motor’s innovative design defines versatility by featuring interchangeable wound stator construction. By unscrewing the main screws, the motor’s end bells and sensor assemblies can be easily removed to leave only the stator, which can be replaced with a different wound stator. The ease of installation and numerous motor-wind options provides drivers with a cost effective way to race many different classes without purchasing a large number of motors. In addition, the stators can be easily replaced if damaged.

Like all Novak brushless motors, the Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Hand Wound Stators – 6.5T – 25.5T are designed and tested at the Novak facility in Irvine, Calif. Each stator is hand-wound for maximum copper fill and individually tested for consistency. The stators are also inspected, packaged and weighed to ensure the best product is sent to customers.
Look for Novak’s Epoxy Dipped Stators as a part of the ever-popular Build-A-Ballistic™ program in the future!
This item is available through Novak’s online store and can be purchased for $42.99*.

*Price for 25.5T (#S6625E) is $44.99

#S6606E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 6.5T
#S6607E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 7.5T
#S6608E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 8.5T
#S6610E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 10.5T
#S6613E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 13.5T
#S6617E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 17.5T
#S6621E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 21.5T
#S6625E Ballistic 540 Epoxy Dipped Stator – 25.5T

1S Graded Sintered Rotor

This replacement rotor is especially suited for use with 1S Input Voltage. The 1S Graded Sintered Rotor – 12.3mm (#S5953) is an affordable rotor rated under 1200 according to popular magnetic strength meters, such as Zubak’s Speed Meter 2™.

These rotors are selected and graded for maximum RPM in 1S LiPo applications. With the magnet at a lower pull, the rotor allows a higher RPM, increasing the Kv of the motor by approximately X%. Novak prides itself on the quality and consistency of our rotors. All rotors are magnetized in house, and are tested to ensure even and balanced magnetization.

The 1S Graded Sintered Rotor is compatible with all of Novak’s 540-sized brushless motors, including the Ballistic, Velociti and SS Pro series’ of motors.


  • High-strength sintered, Neodymium magnet for maximum motor acceleration, braking power and performance in high temperature conditions
  • Nickel-plated for stronger surface and resistance to corrosion
  • Meets ROAR & IFMAR specifications
  • Novak designed


Diameter: 12.3 mm
Output Shaft: 1/8 inch (accepts all existing pinion gears)
Weight: 27.5 g (0.97 oz)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 200ºC (392ºF)*


  • Rotor in a protective tube
  • Installation instructions

S5953 – $16.99

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