Mugen Goes Electric and Pre-built: MBX-6 ECO M-SPEC Factory Built Electric Racing Buggy

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All new M-spec MBX-6 ECO 1/8th electric 4WD Off-Road Racing Buggy, 90% rebuilt buggy read to race or play. The MBX-6 ECO is built for racers by racers for competitive racing.

Technical Data:

Width : 309mm
Wheel Base : 320-325mm
Gear Ratio : 11.12:1

MBX-6 Eco Features:

  • A-7075 (T6) 3mm Main Chassis
  • Low Center of Gravity Radio Tray
  • Aluminum Damper Stay
  • 15mm F/R Damper Sets
  • Two Piece Motor Mount
  • 3 Diff. Shaft Drive 4WD
  • Hard Anodized Chassis Related Products, Wheel Hubs & Nuts, etc.
  • Universal Drive Shafts
  • Tray for Two Batteries & ESC
  • Rear Mud Guards
  • Electronic Braking

M-Spec Features:

  • Pre-Assembled Differentials and Shocks with factory Mugen differential and shock oils
  • Differentials Oils:
  • Front – 5000 wt Oil (B0322)
  • Center – 10,000 wt Oil (B0317)
  • Rear – 2000 wt Oil (B0334)
  • Shocks and Springs:
  • Front – 400 wt Oil (B0316) 9.75 Very Soft Spring (E0560)
  • Rear – 400 wt Oil (B0316) 10.75 Very Soft Spring (E0563)
  • Pre-cut Body
  • Pre-set Camber, Caster, Ride Height, Front Tow In/Out and Rear Tow in all to Mugen Race Team settings.

Not Included:

  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Electric Motor
  • Battery
  • Radio Gear
  • Tires and Wheels

Other necessary equipment:

2ch radio set for RC car (Transmitter, Receiver, Servo)/Batteries for Transmitter/Motor/ESC (Electric Speed Controller)/Batteries for RC Car/Charger/Body paint tools/Ties & Wheels

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5 Responses to “Mugen Goes Electric and Pre-built: MBX-6 ECO M-SPEC Factory Built Electric Racing Buggy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    HPI Vorza will make this Mugen into Mashed Metal. Sorry Mygen, once again, your no competition for the Victorious Vorza!
    “When the world learns to worship parrots, then we will see peace”

  2. Kevin K. says:

    That sure took Mugen awhile

  3. electricdave says:

    I think this buggy looks great! A proven layout on a quality buggy should make the new MBX-6 ECO a regular podium finisher.

  4. Mr.b says:

    A Vorza, really? The Vorza is more made to bash, not race. The Mugen should be as good electric as it is nitro, that is why people have been doing conversions on them for some time.

  5. Gsrman4885 says:

    Im sorry, but this just looks thrown together at the last minute. I love my nitro mugens, but when I do get another 6 to make brishless, it will be with a Tekno V4 kit.

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