JConcepts Profiled 1/10 inserts & wheel nuts, SCT Carvers, Beanie, 2011 t-shirts, Tire mounting bands

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New from JConcepts:

Profiled 1/10th buggy inserts

Tire inserts are one of the most critical aspects of 1/10th off-road racing. Racers have asked JConcepts for a firmer and more durable insert and after much deliberation the new JConcepts Profiled insert is ready. Having the insert with proper density for track conditions pays dividends to the racer and especially toward the end of races. Starting on too firm an insert, the driver feels “on edge” during the first run or subsequent runs on a set of inserts. Starting on too soft an insert, the driver’s vehicle is not responsive enough or runs the risk of too much insert breakdown during the tail end of a tires life which creates a squirmy or inconsistent feel. Having the feel that is just right requires a bit of balance of durability and hardness. To add to the construction and performance, JConcepts has added cut / grooves into the profile of the inserts to add an even greater driver to track feel. JConcepts is just right and always on target with the new Profiled insert.

JConcepts team driver Steven Hartson states “Jason introduced these new inserts to me for testing and I have been running them ever since. Straight out of the package they were the best accessory item for 1/10th off-road I have seen in years. I have re-used them several times in my gold compound Bar Codes that I use continually at indoor races and I have been the envy of fellow racers and competitors ever since.”


  • Available for 1/10th buggy front, rear and 4wd front
  • Superior firm density material and construction
  • Ultra durable, no breakdown during racing
  • Precise contoured manufacturing
  • Insert longevity, can be reused
  • Water resistant
  • Dark blue color for easy identification

Profiled – 1/10th buggy rear insert – Firm – 2pc
Part # – 3206-1
Retail price – $9.00
(Fits all rear 2.2” rear buggy tires)

Profiled – 1/10th 2wd front insert – Firm – 2pc
Part # – 3204-1
Retail price – $9.00
(Fits all rear 2.2” 2wd front buggy tires)

Profiled – 1/10th 4wd front insert – Firm – 2pc
Part # – 3202-1
Retail price – $9.00
(Fits all rear 2.2” 4wd front buggy tires)

8/32″ locking wheel nut

JConcepts has your 8/32”locking wheel nut needs covered, for both buggy and truck with the new Illuzion wheel nut set. These high precision wheel nuts are flanged and knurled for locking security and feature a light-weight design. The JConcepts wheel nuts are intended for use with Associated, B4.1, T4.1, B44.1 and SC10.


  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Flanged and knurled for locking security
  • Available in Blue and Black
  • Fits – Associated – B4.1, T4.1, B44.1 AND SC10

8/32″ locking wheel nut – locking / lightweight (blue)
Part # -2075
Retail price – $15.00
Fits – Associated – B4.1, T4.1, B44.1 AND SC10

8/32″ locking wheel nut – locking / lightweight (black)
Part # -2076
Retail price – $15.00
Fits – Associated – B4.1, T4.1, B44.1 AND SC10

Carvers for Short Course Trucks

JConcepts is assisting in making Short Course Trucks easier to drive. For the first several years of Short Course racing, the only option for tuning front tires on 2wd SCT trucks has been to use a rear tire. JConcepts is the first to introduce the Carvers directional ribbed front tire to Short Course Racing. The advantage of the Carvers tire is the ability to tune steering response by utilizing a radial rib to present the tire compounds to the racing surface. Typically, ribbed tires net a less aggressive and more predictable front end response which can ultimately deliver faster and more consistent races. With the 2.2” x 3.0” design, the large sidewall retains the realism of the class while providing an additional tuning option.

The Carvers front tire is perfect for a variety of track surfaces. The sharp angular and directional ribs provide the ultimate in control and direction on the most common dry and wet condition surfaces. The compact tire body combined with the JConcepts firm profiled inserts allow for precise steering input and response for the most consistent laps times available.

Carvers in new condition excel on low traction surfaces as well as high “loamy” traction and wet surfaces where no rubber has been taken into the racing surface. Worn Carvers excel on indoor or outdoor clay tracks where a light blue groove has formed.


  • Available in Soft (Blue), Super Soft (Green), and Indoor Soft (Gold) compounds.
  • Compact tire body
  • Sharp angular and directional ribs with precise separation
  • Includes firm profiled “closed cell” inserts

Carvers – blue compound
Part # – 3050-01
Retail price – $24.00
(fits front SCT 3.0″ x 2.2″ wheel)

Carvers – green compound
Part # – 3050-02
Retail price – $24.00
(fits front SCT 3.0″ x 2.2″ wheel)

Carvers – gold compound
Part # – 3050-05
Retail price – $24.00
(fits front SCT 3.0″ x 2.2″ wheel)

Beanie hat

Keeping a cool head on the race track is a priority. However, when the weather turns cold it’s a good idea to warm-up with the JConcepts Beanie hat. Manufactured in a durable material with JC embroidered logo the beanie has a low profile fit and finish which provide a stylish yet protective look.


  • Low-profile fit and finish
  • Durable material with embroidered JC logo

JConcepts – Beanie hat (one size fits all)
Part # -2080
Retail price – $18.00
(One size fits all)

2011 T-shirt

New Year’s resolutions are always to look and feel better. Look your best with the 2011 JConcepts T-shirt. The combination of the black color and familiar JConcepts bull horn splatter graphic makes looking good easy. While going for the win, show your allegiance to the IFMAR World Champion brand – JConcepts.


  • Shirts are made of a heavy-duty 50/50 Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Black color
  • 100% authentic stylized / racing t-shirt design
  • Celebrates JConcepts

JConcepts T-shirt – 2011 (black, medium)
Part # – 2082M
Retail price – $22.00

JConcepts T-shirt – 2011 (black, large)
Part # – 2082L
Retail price – $22.00

JConcepts T-shirt – 2011 (black, x-large)
Part # – 2082XL
Retail price – $22.00

JConcepts T-shirt – 2011 (black, xx-large)
Part # – 2082XXL
Retail price – $24.00

JConcepts T-shirt – 2011 (black, xxx-large)
Part # – 2082XXXL
Retail price – $26.00

Updated Tire Rubber Bands

Mounting tires can be tricky but with JConcepts tire mounting rubber bands these worries can now be minimized. With a total of 8 pieces included (4 narrow) and (4 wide) the JConcepts rubber band set is versatile enough for 1/10th and 1/8th scale vehicles. With JConcepts logo and imagery printed on each band, showing your style while mounting tires has never been easier.


  • Durable blue material
  • Versatile enough for 1/10th and 1/8th vehicles
  • JConcepts logo and brand imagery

JConcepts Tire Rubber Bands (8pc.)
Part # -2005
Retail price – $5.00
(One size fits all)

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