X Factory & E-Speed Heatsink and Fan Mount

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New from X Factory:X Factory and Ellis Stafford are proud to announce the newest E-Speed part, a heatsink and fan mount to fit all X-Cars with 4-Gear transmissions. For several years customers have wondered about the two “extra” drilled and tapped holes in the 4-Gear motor plate, and the reason is here now: The E-Speed heatsink/fan mount bolts on there.

The heatsink is a beautiful blue aluminum part that perfectly matches all the other E-Speed and Dirtz Dialed Partz from X Factory and looks great with a D.D.P. motor plate. Heat from the motor goes into the motor plate and the finned heatsink greatly aids cooling of the entire unit. All X Factory parts play well together, and the new E-Speed heatsink fits perfectly with the existing D.D.P. transmission brace.

The new part also mounts a 25 mm fan in position to blow directly onto the car’s motor. The two cooling aids, heatsink and fan, are especially important in stock motor racing where modern brushless stock motors are often geared to the moon.

Ellis designed the heatsink himself, as with all E-Speed parts. And like everything from X Factory, the new part is complete with a dialed fan and all the necessary hardware. The fan features a 10 cm long wire with connector, plenty long to go to almost any receiver mounting position.

Some dealers have the new E-Speed part already, others are shipping now. As always, customers can get new X Factory parts most quickly from their local hobby store. Available soon from the X Factory web site, www.xfactoryrc.com

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