Schumacher CAT SX2 Steel Idler Gear

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New from Schumacher:

This steel idler gear upgrade provides longer life than the original plastic CNC gears, with more running between rebuilds. There is now also a larger range of gearing options, especially helpful for stock racing. The slipper now locates on the spur side and has easier access than before.

The arrangement is sold as standard with 33T and 22T, slightly different than the kit standard 33T/23T, therefore gear ratio’s should be adjusted accordingly.

31T/24T, 32T/23T, 34T/21T & 35T/20T are also fitable with the use of industry standard 48dp gears.

Just fit it and drive it!!!!!!!!

U3794 – Steel Idler Gear Upgrade Set – £14.99
U3795 – Layshaft Set for Steel Idlers – £7.99
U2309Q – 20T PINION – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U2310R – 21T PINION – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U2311T – 22T PINION – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U2312U – 23T PINION – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U2313U – 24T PINION – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U3796 – 32T Steel Pinion – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U3797 – 33T Steel Pinion – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U3798 – 34T Steel Pinion – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U3800 – 31T Steel Pinion – 48 D.P. – £3.54
U3801 – 35T Steel Pinion – 48 D.P. – £3.54

Full fitting instructions and new gear ratio chart can be downloaded from this link.

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