Axial’s Latest Rock Crawling Gear – July Releases

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New from Axial:

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Axial Internal Wheel Weight System for 1.9 & 2.2 Axial Beadlocks

Axial’s new Internal wheel weight system (Patent Pending) allows for precise and easy addition of weight to your Axial 2.2 and 1.9 Beadlocks. Purchase the Internal Weight Ring to add weight and increase stability on difficult obstacles. To add even more weight use the Internal Wheel Weight Inserts to fine tune the total weight. Each package of Internal Wheel Weight Rings includes the ring for 1 wheel. Recommended for the use on the front wheels to help with climbing and stability by lowering your center of gravity. To add the maximum amount of weight to a pair of wheels use (2) Internal Wheel Weight Rings and (3) Internal Wheel Weight Insert packs. All required hardware is included.

  1. 2.2 Rings and Weights Available Now.
  2. Fits all existing 1.9 & 2.2 Axial Beadlocks
  3. Allows for precise and easy addition of weights inside the wheel.
  4. Add up to 8.5oz to each 2.2 wheel with AX30545 & AX30546.
  5. Add up to 5.0oz to each 1.9 wheel with AX30547 & AX30548.

AX30545 2.2 Internal Wheel Weight Ring 57g/2oz (2pcs) $10.00
AX30546 2.2 Internal Wheel Weight Insert 21g/0.75oz (4pcs) (for use with AX30545) $8.00
AX30547 1.9 Internal Wheel Weight Ring 43g/1.5oz (2pcs) $10.00
AX30548 1.9 Internal Wheel Weight Insert 9g/0.33oz (4pcs) (for use with AX30547) $8.00 Name:  ax04026_color_body_1_hires.jpg
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Axial Hardline Body

  • Competition inspired body – design, layout, and size all catered for optimum performance.
  • Meets all U.S.R.C.C.A minimum requirements.
  • Dove-tailed front and rear to minimize interference with tires.
  • Rounded roof line and cab forward design to improve roll-over recovery.
  • Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlight, grille, tail lights and more!
  • Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple.
  • Made from durable .040″ clear polycarbonate plastic for long life.

AX04026 Hardline Crawler Body – .040″ (Clear) $35.00

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Axial 2.2 VWS Beadlock Wheels and Spare Rings for the XR10

  • Wheel set includes black laser etched beadlock rings.
  • Wheels are Compatible with Vanquish Products patented wheel weight systems (Licensed by Vanquish Products).
  • Minimal beadlock hardware for assembly ease.
  • Narrow offset to increase steering response and strength.

AX08061 2.2 VWS Beadlock Wheels (Black) (2pcs) (Fits XR10) $35.00
AX08069 2.2 VWS Beadlock Rings (Black) (2pcs) $16.00
AX08132 2.2 VWS Machined Beadlock Rings (Orange) (2pcs) $26.00

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