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Trinity P-Spec Pulse 21.5 Brushless Motor

Trinity P-Spec Pulse 21.5 Brushless Motor

Text and Photos by Eric Miller

Not so long ago, at race events, motors were handed out to contestants so everyone would be on an even playing field. It was a popular option that kept tech inspection to a minimum and helped the race events to run smoothly and on time. Well, times change, and with brushless motors becoming more of a standard, it seems handout races have all but disappeared. Trinity has come up with an idea to bring handout-style racing to the brushless crowd! They have a rich race heritage, part of which is made up of brushed handout motors. Now they are looking to expand on that with the P-Spec series of motors. Available in 13.5- and 21.5-turn winds, these motors are just what the doctor ordered for brushless spec racing classes and events wishing to allow a single motor. Since this motor is aimed directly at the handout motor scene, or spec class racing, it has a specific design to keep them all equal. The rotors are marked so that event organizers can ensure all contestants are sticking to the rules. In addition, there are three timing positions. By offering a specific number of timing advancement positions, you can be sure the field is on the same level. The motors also feature easy solder tabs clearly marked with an A, B and C, so there is no confusion about installation. Both also use sensors for excellent starting power and precision. I got my hands on the 21.5-turn motor—perfect for some Vintage Trans Am action! Let’s check it out.

I dropped the motor into my car and took it out for a spin. Being a 21.5-turn motor, it won’t be the fastest motor you’ll ever see. So, if you’re thinking brushless = insane top speeds, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Where this motor excels is in racing on an equal playing field. Besides, that’s what handout racing and spec classes are all about … close racing action! Running a 2S LiPo, my car had plenty of rip from a stop. It’s quick enough to keep you smiling, but very controllable; a big plus when using VTA tires. I had a blast shooting from corner to corner without drama. I was able to keep my mind on the racing line. I was running solo this time, but I could only imagine how cool it would be with a field of guys running the same motor. Track owners and event coordinators: I would definitely suggest going with a P-Spec class. 


Updated: October 27, 2010 — 12:23 PM

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