Robitronic Speedstar Brushless 1/8 ESC

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New from Robitronic:

Built to the highest standards, universally applicable for brushless motors with sensor and for conventional brushed motors.

  • forward, reverse and break
  • for brushed and brushless sensored motors
  • very smooth throttle response
  • for competition reverse can be switched off
  • useable with LiPo, LiFe, NiMh and NiCd
  • big power condenser
  • selectable current limiting
  • adjustable power curves and motor timing
  • adjustable break
  • intelligente fan control
  • with threefold safety (temperature, overload, low voltage)

Case Size 56,5×54,5x45mm
Weight w/o wires 150g
Cell No (NiCd, NiMh)6-14
Cell No (LiPo, LiFe)2-4
On-Resistenc Brushless/Brushed 0,0013 Ohm/Phase
Rated Current Brushless/Brushed 520A / Phase
On-Resistence Brushed Fwd/Brake 0,0002 Ohm
Rated Current Brushed Fwd/Brake 1560A
B.E.C. Volt/Amp 6,0V / 3,0A
Motor Turn Limit Brushless 4.5 Turn
Motor Turn Limit Brushed 7 Turn

Item Nr. R01210

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