JConcepts Double Dees V2 1/8 Tires

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New from JConcepts:

The JConcepts Double Dees V2 tire is perfect for a variety of track surfaces. Wear is always the trade off when going to a small pin tire and with the Double Dees V2, these worries are a thing of the past. Running qualifiers and main events on the same high performance tire is now possible. The Double Dees design is a world leading tire combination right out of the package, the unique technology combined with the sticky yellow and blue compound allow the flexibility necessary to compete on even the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time.

Tires including inserts will be treated to the latest generation in Profiled (closed cell) insert design. Unique materials, bright blue color and revolved relief provide extra full support and stability.

The roots of the V2 design came after extensive research and development which called for a longer lasting and supremely stable variation of the original Double Dees design. Several inclusions to the design include, extra depth and height tread with extended center bar coverage for additional forward traction. If you are looking for the ultimate 1/8th buggy performance tire the Double Dees V2 is it.

Double Dees excel on indoor and outdoor hard packed surfaces with either dry or wet conditions. Drivers will feel the immediate impact of the exclusive design and proprietary rubber compound as they rip around the track at blistering speeds.


  • Available in sticky Yellow and Blue medium and soft compounds
  • Compact tire body with crisp tread and separation
  • Aggressive square Double Dee lug technology
  • Available with and without inserts
  • Tires with inserts include Profiled (closed cell inserts)

Double Dees V2 – yellow compound – tire only
Part # – 3007V2-000
Retail price – $20.00
(Fits all 1/8th buggy wheels)

Double Dees V2 – yellow compound
Part # – 3007V2-00
Retail price – $24.00
(Fits all 1/8th buggy wheels)

Double Dees V2 – blue compound – tire only
Part # – 3007V2-001
Retail price – $22.00
(Fits all 1/8th buggy wheels)

Double Dees V2 – blue compound
Part # – 3007V2-01
Retail price – $26.00
(Fits all 1/8th buggy wheels)

Double Dees V2 – blue compound – white wheel – (pre-mounted)
Part # – 3007V2-11
Retail price – $40.00
(Fits all 1/8th buggies)

Double Dees V2 – blue compound – yellow wheel – (pre-mounted)
Part # – 3007V2-21
Retail price – $40.00
(Fits all 1/8th buggies)

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