X Factory Window Masks for the X-6 Squared Kit

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New from X Factory:

Last week X Factory announced its new X – 6 Squared Kit – the entire car. As part of that announcement, we told you the Kit will have a new 2-piece window mask so amateur painters can easily paint window outlines, the same kind of borders seen in nearly every professional R/C paint scheme. This body was painted using the new masks and spray cans available at most hobby stores.

The masks are conventional vinyl window masks; however each window is cut in two pieces, with the outline piece surrounding the window piece. The mask is supplied with low-tack masking tape covering it, and the customer cuts out the mask and tape as a unit.

The masks and tape are peeled off the backing for the vinyl and stuck on the body together. Then the masking tape is carefully peeled off, leaving the two window masks lined perfectly together on the body. After spraying the main paint job, the thin outline is easily peeled away and the thin, consistent window boarders are sprayed – dialed paint jobs for whole Family!

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