Losi Gear: CCR, MRC, 8B / 8T Upgrades, Great Grease, Quick Programming Card

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New from Losi:

CCR Non-Slipper Top Shaft Gear, Hard Anodized Aluminum
LOSA3172 – $14.99

Name:  LOSA5439-250.jpg
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8B 8T Shock Stand-Off Set Titanium (4)
LOSA5439 – $37.99

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8B, 8T Hinge Pins 4 x 21mm, Titanium (4)
LOSA6504 – $21.84

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8B 2.0 Turnbuckle Kit, Titanium
LOSA6530 – $53.99

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8T 2.0 Turnbuckle Kit, Titanium
LOSA6531 – $68.39

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Great Grease

This is a high grade synthetic grease that stands up to both heat and cold as well as wet and dry with exceptional adhesion qualities. Ideal for spiral gears, CVDs, and areas where you want the grease to adhere to moving parts. The handy tool box sized tube holds a generous 8cc of grease and a screw on cap to prevent accidental spills.

LOSA99207 – $3.99

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MRC Rebuild Kit, Aluminum Shock Set
LOSB1438 – $9.99

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MRC Titanium Shock Shaft (2)
LOSB1445 – $9.99


MRC Shock Spring Set, Blue (4)
LOSB1449 – $4.99

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1/10-1/18 Crawlers Quick Programming Card
LOSB9379 – $12.99

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3.4 Non-Starter Backplate

Now you can convert your Losi 3.4 (LOSR2100) small block engine to a bump start configuration with the 304 Non-Starter Backplate. This backplate eliminates the starter shaft, which protrudes out of the backplate, eliminating drag and saving room. It is a direct replacement part that requires removing only the four backplate screws.

LOSR2134 – $13.99

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