Mugen MRX5 1/8 GP Racing Car Teaser

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As we have announced our new 1/8 GP Racing Car MRX5 in Nuremberg toy fair, MRX5 is coming! The release date is not fixed yet, but we will update more detail about new car on our site.


  • 90% of suspension parts are similar both right and left side
  • Special radio tray module for both lay down servos and receiver including a receiver box
  • New system for faster belt change
  • Bigger front pulleys
  • New fuel tank mounted from upper side
  • New front upright system to change easy the king pin angle
  • Longer front lower arms
  • 8 mm tube shaft for gear box
  • Aluminum middle shaft
  • New rear brake system
  • Fast change for roll center
  • Fast change steering Ackerman
  • New chassis flex system and stiffener
  • New front bumper
  • Adjustable weight balance

Technical Data

Length : 441.6 mm
Width : 262 mm
Wheel Base : 299 mm
Tread (F/R) : 216 mm / 202 mm (adj.)
F. caster Angle : 8.5 ~ 15.5 adjustable
Gear Ratio : 1st. 6.92:1 / 2nd. 5.52:1
Weight : ~2500g

NOTE: These 3D CAD image in this page are subject to change without prior notice. Final production version of product may and will differ in some detail from appearance of product shown on this web page.

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