A Main Hobbies Goes Off-Roading

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A Main Hobbies had a beautiful on-road track in the back corner of their warehouse, but that nice Ozite carpet is long gone. A Main has recognized the recent resurgence of electric off-road racing and has decided to rip out the carpet and will bring in clay. If you know A Main Hobbies, you know they won’t just bring in any ordinary clay. The rice-field clay that A Main is bringing in for their off-road track will be completely sifted. When wet, the dirt sticks together like modeling clay. I was fortunate to check out the track, Outback Raceway, while it was under construction. A Main’s Kendall Bennett also showed me buckets of the dirt they selected for the track. You can certainly see that A Main is taking their off-road track seriously. A Main’s first official race will held March 27th and 28th. The two day race will cost $20 for your first entry and every additional class is free. Outback Raceway plans to host races on Saturday afternoons and one day during the middle of the week. Club racing is always free at A Main’s Outback Raceway. These photos were taken while the track was under construction. We’ll post more photos of the track when it’s completed. 
Quick Specs 
  • Onsite snack bar 
  • Heated/air conditioned pit area 
  • Pit tables and power provided 
  • Heated/air conditioned track (you heard that right!) 
  • First race March 27th & 28th
  • Club races every Saturday afternoon and one evening during the week 
  • Club races are FREE! 
  • track dimensions (95′ X 45′) 
  • Sifted rice-field clay dirt 

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New Media Editor About Jason: I’m on the west coast which the hot bed of RC. As such, I really enjoy being able to bang fenders and rub elbows with many of RC’s most elite racers. I’ve competed at many large events (done pretty well too) and I have found myself returning to the recently reinvigorated 1/10-scale electric off-road racing scene. Jason’s 5 Hot Topics: West Coast Scene, Racing, 1/10-scale Off-road, Short Course and the Pros
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