Dark Soul Racing Baja parts

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The new 2.4GHz Baja 5T recently came in and it didn’t take me long to order up some aftermarket parts for it. I’m building a new race truck out of it and I started by getting parts from Dark Soul Racing. I’m using their Meaty Bones driveshafts to replace the stockers. They are much thicker and shouldn’t twist from the torque of the engine and weight of the truck. Then I grabbed their HD shocks shafts. They are thicker than stock and come with machined aluminum rod ends. The stock plastic gear on the Baja 5t can only hold up to so much torque and heat when racing so, I am using a Dark Soul Racing lightweight steel spur gear on my truck. There’s no way I’m going to strip this sucker. To give my truck more stability I’m going to use their axle extenders and the capped nuts will keep dirt out of the wideners.

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