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Losi’s Adam Drake has had to work his way to the top of the nitro racing world. He admits that he doesn’t have the raw speed that some of the top pros have been blessed with. He sticks to a strict practice regime and focuses on mental strength rather than lap times. The Drake has become one of the most respected and liked racers today because of his work ethic and dedication. Here are three of the Drake’s tips lifted right from an article that will be running in the May issue of Radio Control Car Action.Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Nothing beats practice and the old cliche is true, but put in quality laps. Worn out tires, not using traction additive when you typically do for racing is not going to help you come race time. Practice how you race. Putting on a fresh set of tires for the main or for qualifying will make your car feel different. Practice with fresh shock oils, newer tires, and your race packs. The more time you get with race like conditions the faster you’ll get.

Always finish on a good note

If the Drake is practicing and makes a mistake near the end of his practice session heÕll run two more mistake-free laps. I will always finish with two good laps during practice. Racing is very mental so I want to remember the good laps. My last laps donÕt necessarily need to be the fastest laps, but two good clean laps.
Drive In Your Comfort Zone

Drake admittedly says he doesn’t usually set the fastest lap. It’s more important to drive within your skill and have consistent lap times. It’s more important to have comfort in your car and know that you can run similar laps back to back. There is no prize or award for the single fastest lap. If you’re are able to shave a couple tenths a lap, but have a six-second crash because you’re overdriving you negate the time you shaved.





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