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New from MyLaps Sports Timing:

After years of research and development we are proud to introduce the new MYLAPS RC4 platform for RC timing and data services. In 1982 we invented automatic timing solutions for the worldwide RC community, and since then we kept improving it. Now, in 2009, we bring an entirely new platform to further enhance your race experience.

The MYLAPS RC4 platform has the following elements:

  • An enriched communication protocol: the standard on which we develop all new RC products and services
  • A new series of transponders, based on a complete redesign
  • A new timing system for clubs and organizations

The MYLAPS RC4 platform is based upon an entirely new communication protocol for sending over data from your transponder to the timing system installed at the track. The current MYLAPS RC3 (previously AMBrc) protocol only allows a transponder to send over your unique transponder ID. With the new RC4 protocol, a transponder is able to send over much more:

  • Temperature: the ambient temperature of the transponder
  • Voltage: the supply voltage of the transponder
  • Car ID: the Car ID allows you to use multiple transponders that share the same unique Transponder ID, but are tagged with different Car IDs. More information will follow soon.
  • We will continue to add more relevant data, which you can use for analysis and to improve your performance

Based on feedback of the RC community and the possibilities of the new RC4 communication protocol, we designed a new series of RC4 Transponders. Because the new MYLAPS RC4 Timing System will not be available at all clubs and tracks at once, we introduce the MYLAPS RC4 Hybrid Transponder to make life easier for everyone. The MYLAPS RC4 Hybrid Transponder:

  • works on the new MYLAPS RC4 Timing System, so you are well prepared
  • is 100% backwards compatible: It also works on all current MYLAPS RC2 and RC3 Timing Systems (previously AMBrc)
  • allows you to already benefit from the standard transponder benefits

Your standard transponder benefits:

  • Half the size and half the weight of the RC2 Transponder
  • Comes with a separate holder, so you can easily switch transponder between cars and boats
  • Better quality cable (PTFE) that is racing fuel resistant
  • Low voltage operability: 2.8-16 Volt compatible
  • 1-4 cell LiPo compatible
  • It will be your parent transponder and it comes with Car ID 0 (zero), the default Car ID. You can add child transponders, with Car ID 1, 2, 3, etc. (available soon)
  • Any MYLAPS RC4 transponder can always be replaced by a new one that inherits the same Transponder ID and Car ID
  • CE approved

Your additional transponder benefits when used in combination with the new MYLAPS RC4 Timing System *):

  • More data measured (temperature, voltage, Car ID, as listed in the communication protocol)
  • Double hit rates detection, resulting in even more accurate results

*) The MYLAPS RC4 Timing System will be available in February 2010, and the Car ID functionality will be separately released soon after. Ask your club, local track or race organization what system they support, and tell them about our attractive offer to upgrade to the MYLAPS RC4 Timing System!

The MYLAPS RC4 Hybrid Transponder is available now! As an early adopter you profit from attractive discount prices. Get even more discount when you trade in your current (cloned) transponder.

RC3 decoder owners

The benefits of the RC4 Timing System are available to you if your club upgrades their RC3 decoder to the RC4 standard by means of a firmware update. The firmware update is free of charge and will be available in February 2010.

RC2 decoder owners

If your club currently has an RC2 decoder, your club can get ready for the new RC4 standard by trading in their decoder for a new MYLAPS RC3 decoder for only €400. Subsequently your club can perform a free firmware upgrade to prepare the RC3 decoder for the RC4 standard.

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