Pro-Line 1.9″ Chisel Rock Crawling Tire

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Like the larger 2.2-inch version, the new 1.9-inch Chisel rock crawling tire is molded in Pro-Line’s exclusive G8 compound. This compound was developed specifically for crawling and offers solid traction and an extended tread life. The 1.9 Chisel features additional sipes and tread enhancements over the 2.2-inch version that should help in side hilling and overall climbing ability. Pro-Line also includes its 1.9-inch memory foam. Let’s see how these tires perform.



I mounted the Chisels up on Pro-Line’s new Titus 1.9 inch weighted Bead-Loc wheels. They come pre-vented and have a total of 4 oz. of weight per wheel. These are a 3-piece design and as a true bead-lock, no glue is required. 12 screws are used to retain the outer ring.



The 1.9-inch Chisels bead fit in the Titus Bead-Loc wheel perfectly and I was able to easily and quickly mount up the tires. Removing the weight from the rear rims was as simple as removing two rubber O-rings holding in the weight. Since I was testing these wheels on a Losi Mini Rock Crawler, I went with 4 ounces in each front wheel, and no additional weight in the rear.



After assembling the rims, I hit the rocks. I’ve driven a stock Losi Mini Rock Crawler quite a bit, so I was very familiar with its capabilities and limitations. Once I started driving on the rocks, I noticed an immediate improvement in performance. The 1.9-inch Chisels really hooked up. I started crawling around slowly, and the truck was able to make some serious climbs. The tread was much softer then the stock tires, and with the memory foam in the tires, the traction was significantly improved. I started to drive around faster to see if the tires liked any wheel speed. I went up some smooth slabs of rock that I wasn’t able to make with the stock truck. Where the truck had some trouble going slow, with some wheel speed it went right up. This can be attributed to the improved traction and weight that the front tires had. I proceeded to test the side-hilling characteristics of the tires and they just plain worked great. Since the tire is not very tall, it doesn’t fold over or lose traction on side hills.



After going through a couple battery packs, I can say with confidence that these tires work great. In comparison to stock, it felt like I was driving a 2.2 comp rig rather than a 1.9 rig. The added weight of the Titus rims really helped in vertical climbs, and the overall enhancement in traction was noticeable in all types of climbs. The tires hooked up well, and mounted on the 1.9 inch Titus Bead-Loc rims looked sharp. These tires and rims are perfect for 1.9 inch competition rigs, and also will also bring a noticeable improvement in performance to any scale rig.


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