RPM Front and Rear Skid Plates for Traxxas Slash

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New from RPM:

RPM skid plates for the Traxxas Slash are designed to eliminate the frustration of broken skid plates and chassis. When a stock rear skid plate fails, it can rip the shock tower mounting screws out of the chassis, causing a catastrophic failure usually resulting in the rear end sailing in a different direction than the rest of the truck. With RPM skid plates mounted, that problem will be a thing of the past!

RPM front and rear Slash skid plates are completely redesigned, making them stronger and much more durable. Our unique designs use three chassis mounting points instead of two, triangulating the chassis mounts on the truck, in turn spreading impact energy over a larger area. This is done using holes already located in the stock chassis, meaning no drilling is required. We also eliminated the cross-tube styling of the stock skid plates in favor of a solid flat skid design with a large radius at the transition points to allow the truck to slide over obstacles that would have normally caught on the stock rear skid plate. That means no more direct impacts to the lower rear end of the truck, which is the primary source of a broken chassis.

The front skid plate features a new bell-crank mounting system that eliminates the need to remove the bell-crank every time the front skid plate is removed. This system simplifies maintenance and eliminates the annoying problem of the bell-crank screws popping out of the chassis support holes after an impact to the front end. Additionally, our bell-crank mounting system fully supports both the upper and lower portions of the bell-crank reducing steering slop and giving a more precise feel to the steering system.

As a final design touch, we added four thick skid rails on both the front and rear skid plates which reduce sliding friction while improving the overall durability of the skid plates and the truck. At the tail end of the rear skid plate, the skid rail runs horizontal to protect the lower transmission screw and rear bumper mount while providing a smooth transitional surface.

RPM skid plates for the Traxxas Slash are sold in three color options – black, blue and our all new gray color which is designed to blend in with the Traxxas stock gray colors of the chassis, bulkheads & transmission. Look for upcoming releases in other popular RPM products in the new gray color.

Tech Notes: Stock rear bumper mounts (Traxxas #3677) will not work with RPM skid plates. To mount a rear bumper or wheelie bar, RPM #80902 or #80905 must be used. RPM skid plates are designed for and only guaranteed to fit a stock Traxxas Slash chassis.

#81252 – Black Front Skid Plate – $11.95

#81255 – Blue Front Skid Plate – $11.95

#81256 – Gray Front Skid Plate – $11.95

#81242 – Black Rear Skid Plate – $11.95

#81245 – Blue Rear Skid Plate – $11.95

#81246 – Gray Rear Skid Plate – $11.95

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