Custom Traxxas Slash Giveaway

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Win A Custom Traxxas Slash!

If you want a shot at winning, you have to stop by the Air Age Media booth at the iHobby Expo in Rosemont, IL on October 18 between 2:00PM and 3:00PM to spin the wheel for a shot at this truck. We’ll draw the winning name at 3:00PM, so dont miss out (you have to be present to win)! Good luck!


Anytime you see a custom-painted body in RCCA, it’s a safe bet that Bill Zegers of Zegers RC Graffixx threw the Parma FasKolors, just as he did here. The wheels are Traxxas’ new beadlock-style design. They’re molded in red, then the center section gets a satin chrome finish to create the beadlock-look. Since the beadlock “ring” is molded in color, there’s no paint to scratch off.


This bad boy is loaded—it’s got every Traxxas hop-up part on it, a custom body painted by Bill Zegers and there’s a Traxxas Velineon brushless motor system on board. That means this Slash can handle a 3S LiPo for speeds of 65mph or more! 



Traxxas’ Big Bore shocks replace the stock plastic shocks. Hard-anodized aluminum bodies with Teflon-coated bores make these dampers super-slick and highly durable. The springs are standard Slash progressive-rate units.



We went with an all-red look, but Traxxas also offers its aluminum turnbuckles, steering arms and caster blocks in blue. The turnbuckles shave a few grams over the steel stockers, and the machined front end parts are extra stiff and strong. The steering arms include rubber-sealed bearings, so you don’t have to put your gritty old bearings into your shiny new aluminum parts. 


Now those are some sweet-looking bellcranks. In addition to being nearly unbreakable, these aluminum units include rubber-sealed bearings for super-smooth steering.



Traxxas also offers its rear uprights in blue, and like the steering arms, they include rubber-sealed bearings. We also added Traxxas’ steel drive yokes to help handle the Velineon power system. The Slash’s transmission is “brushless ready,” including the stock plastic yokes, but we wanted to have a little extra strength in reserve. Plus, they look cool.



Here’s where our Slash gets its biggest boost. The Velineon VXL-3s speed control is LiPo-ready with a built-in voltage cutoff to prevent over-discharging, and it can handle a 3S pack for white-knuckle speeds—try 65mph on for size. It also has Traxxas’ “Training Mode,” which limits throttle to 50% so you can let someone with less driving experience take the wheel. Nice feature, but we have a feeling the winner of this truck won’t be letting anyone borrow it, training mode or no training mode.

Traxxas Slash 5805
Aluminum 30-degree caster blocks, red (pair) 3632X
Aluminum rear uprights, red (pair) 3652X
Aluminum steering blocks, red (pair) 3636X
Aluminum steering bellcranks, red 3743X
Velineon brushless system 3350
Aluminum toe links, red (pair) 3139X
Aluminum 39mm camber link, red 3737 (single link, four required)
Big Bore aluminum shocks, long (pair) 2660
Big Bore aluminum shocks, XL (pair) 2662
Flanged aluminum locknuts, blue (4) 1747R
Steel drive yokes (pair) 4628X
Clear Slash body 5811 (painted by Bill Zegers)
Slash beadlock-style wheels, front (pair) 5875A
Slash beadlock-style wheels, rear (pair) 5873A

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  1. Daniel Hill says:

    i am a 14 year old boy and has only 3 rc cars and i really would like a nother one!

  2. Hunter Parsons says:

    I do not have an RC car because my mom won’t let me. She also said ti was to expensive to buy won. The only way I could get one is if I won it and I would really like to win this one because I didn’t win at any other giveaways.

  3. mikael says:

    i dont get one because its to expensive

  4. mikael says:

    please i wont it

  5. mikael says:

    my parents vthey buy me nothing i got nothing in my room

  6. Austin Williams says:

    I would like to win the rc because i do not have the money

  7. Rusty Williams says:

    i have cancer and this would be an awesome gift to have . it would give me alotta strength

  8. Ryan Hernandez says:

    I would love to win a rc because it would make me happy right know i am going thru a lot and my grandpa is getting worse and it would cheer me up!

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