ST Racing Concepts Latest Scorpion hop-ups

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Here is the latest from STRC. Discuss it here in the Hot News & New Stuff forum

ST Racing Concepts New Aluminum Option Parts for Axial AX10 Rock Crawler

Part # STA30440G/B/S/P Aluminum Diff Lockers w/pins for Axial AX10 Rock Crawler (also works with HPI Wheely King) 1 pair

Made with high quality aluminum, these aluminum diff lockers are perfect for replacing worn out stock diff lockers that come with your Axial AX10 Rock Crawler at a great affordable price.   Sold in pairs (2 diff lockers) with pins.  Available in four colors:  Green, Silver, Blue and Purple anodizing.  Also works with HPI Wheely King diffs

MSRP: $10.99

Part # STA30445G/B/S/P Aluminum HD 30 Deg. Bend Suspension links for Axial AX10 Rock Crawler

These high quality Aluminum HD 30 deg. Bend suspension links offers more ground clearance for your Axial AX10 Rock Crawler, and also more durability due to its thicker material diameter.  Available in four colors Green, Blue, Silver and Purple to better match your body’s paint scheme.  Sold in sets of 4 pieces.

MSRP: $16.99

Part # STA80005G/S Machined Aluminum Body Posts set for Axial AX10 Rock Crawler (4 pcs) Silver, Green

Machined of high quality aluminum, these body posts for your Axial AX10 rock crawler adds more strength in supporting the mounted body and also adds great look to your AX10 chassis as well.  Sold in sets of 4 pieces, available in matching Green or Silver.

MSRP: $12.99




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