KO Propo VFS-1 Pro Competition 3 speed control

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The new VFS-1 Pro C3 (Competition 3) is now available.

The VFS (variable frequency system) patented technology provides you with the ultimate control in today’s electronic speed controllers. The proto-type powered the current IFMAR 2wd buggy world champion Hayato Matsuzaki (Hot Bodies) to the podium.

KO PROPO has studied today’s batteries/motors and has remapped the amplifier to give the most out of the esc. Standup or laydown style of brush motors will also benefit with the turning off/on the preprogrammed drag brake feature. The current USB PC interface (61018) and the multi setting adapter (61009) are still compatible and are required for programming changes.

Features adjustable drive frequencies (0.9-12kHz) for each of the 32 throttle steps, brake frequency, drag brake adjustment, power save feature and throttle response allow for full tuning capabilities. The VFS-1 Pro C3 comes with a 23T motor profile installed, power capacitor and Ultimate booster.

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