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It started out as a normal day of rc car driving on my street. Me and one of my buddies were racing our cars i have and xtm nitro x-cellerator and he had a traxxas nitro rustler with a trx 3.3 in it. after a couple races we went into the garage and brought out some wooden ramps we stacked up 2 of the ramps on top of each other measuring the tip of the ramp at 4.5 feet high. i got lined up with the jump about 60 feet back and i hit it, at about half throttle it jumped and went flying. so the second time i decided i would hit it from about 80 feet back at full throttle when it was in the air i said to myself this is a bad idea and it landed and completely leveled out the shocks and most of the weight landed on the back were the battery box was. the battery box broke and the car continued running freely at top speed down the street for about 200 feet until it hit a curb. the entire front end of the car was destroyed and the chassis was bent back so that it was forming a “U” shape.

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