CRC Gen-X 10 1/10 on-road competition car

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Latest from Calandra Racing Concepts, better known as CRC. Wow, this is a gorgeous car. Feast your eyes here, and see more pics at the CRC site. The official word:

Calandra Racing Concepts changed the face 12th Scale racing with the release of the beautiful Gen-X racer. Tenth scale racers can now also have the same professional quality race car as TeamCRC releases its new 10th scale racer the GenX10.

The GenX10 is the result of continuous refinement and product development at Calandra Racing Concepts. The GenX10 has it roots from CRC’s previous 10th scale on-road racer the Pantoura, but this latest kit has undergone a revolutionary ground up redesign to produce a well-balanced, lightweight and highly adjustable tenth scale racer, the GenX10. Move over Touring Cars and make room for CRC’s Pro10 2WD Sports Car Racer.

The the GenX10 also features:

- CRC’s new Pro-Strut molded front end, best in the business
- New X-pod rear end, super low CG with “open pod” design that accepts brushed and bulky brushless motors with ease
- Bottom loading quick-change battery tray that fits any battery style, LiPo or NiMH
- Designed to fit 200 mm Sport Car bodies (such as the many HPI offerings) as well as traditional GTP bodies
- Adjustable track width 200-235 mm
- Adjustable wheel-base (allows for tuning and setup for NASCAR bodies)
- 235 mm width optional kit will be available soon
- Flush mount transponder mounting system
- Ultra low CG and centralized mass engineering for exceptional handling and precise steering

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