New Reedy Flash Modifieds

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Flash Modified Re-Invented!

Reedy’s is proud to announce that the powerful Flash modified motor has been re-invented with updated materials and new winds suitable for today’s hottest R/C vehicles. Drifting and rock crawling require the right power band for precise drivability – and Reedy delivers! A new 19T motor is perfect for hardcore drifters while a 55T rock crawling motor guides you to the top of the course with precision control.

The original range of winds suitable for 1/10 buggies, trucks, and touring cars are still available. Because these economically priced machine-wound motors are based on high quality championship winning components, they are the perfect alternative to higher priced hand wound and brushless modified motors. The components and construction of the Flash make it perfect for competition or as a powerful update for your RTR.


· Dual precision ball bearings

· High-Strength Quad magnets

· Adjustable timing

· Completely rebuildable

· Glass-filled composite endbell

· Optimized stand-up brushes and springs

· Brush vibration damping system

· Endbell heat sinks

· Pre-installed surface mount capacitors

· Precision balanced, machine-wound armature

· Precision trued commutator

· Bullet connectors pre-installed on 15 and 17 turn motors

· Motors for all applications including Drift and Crawler winds

UPC: 84695 00410


Flash Modified 12×2


Available: Feb ‘08

UPC: 84695 00411


Flash Modified 13×2


Available: In Stock

UPC: 84695 00412


Flash Modified 14×2


Available: In Stock

UPC: 84695 00413


Flash Modified 15×2


Available: Feb ‘08

UPC: 84695 00414


Flash Modified 17×2


Available: In Stock

UPC: 84695 00415


Flash Modified 19×2 Drift


Available: Feb ‘08

UPC: 84695 00416


Flash Modified 55×1 Crawler


Available: Feb ‘08

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