Trinity DUO 2.5 4 / 5 cell brushless motor

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The DUO 2.5 brushless motor is designed for use with 4 and 5 cell battery packs for super horsepower with lower battery pack voltage. The DUO brushless motor system from Trinity is made to use either sensor or sensor less speed controls.

Works with most racing speed controls on the market. All new winds developed to produce the maximum in performance and power with 4 and 5 cell battery packs. Sintered neodymium magnets and large gauge wire for high power and effi ciency. Can cooling vents and an internal rotor fan keeps motor cooling running for greater effi ciency.

The Duo has both sensor and sensor less connections for use with either types of speed control. Works will all good brushless speed controls. Meets all ROAR, and EFRA rules. The DUO 2.5 is designed for 4 and 5 cell operation and will not work with 6 cells with the current available speed controls from LRP, Novak and Castle Creations.

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