KIT VERSION! Tamiya Nitrage 5.2

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44050 1/8 R/C 4X4 Racing Truck Nitrage 5.2 (Assembly Kit)

Availability: December

As a follow-up to the 1/8 XBG Nitrage 5.2 that was released earlier this year, Tamiya brings you

the assembly kit version of this awesome glow engine racing truck. For R/C fans who prefer to

get down and dirty and build their cars themselves, now is the perfect time to get your hands on

this powerful beast.

About the Model

- 1/8 scale glow engine racing truck on a high-performance shaft-driven 4WD chassis.

- FR-32FX 5.2cc engine provides monster power at your fingertips.

- Press-molded durable aluminum deck protects internals while saving weight.

- Modular construction and universal screw heads allows easy maintenance and modification.

- “Direct Servo Mount” design directly connects the servos to gearboxes for precise control.

- Differential gear is doubly enclosed to protect the internal parts from dirt and grime.

- Aluminum slipper clutch is also a feature no other competitor has.

- 4-wheel independent suspension features 4 large capacity oil dampers, the same type used

on the TNX 5.2R.

- Eye-catching clear body shell is made from durable polycarbonate material. Create your own

custom paint scheme with Tamiya Polycarbonate Spray Paints.

- Stylish rear wing with double splitter attaches directly to the chassis, making the Nitrage easily

distinguishable even with the body removed.

- Tires, handy starter, driven gear unit, 2-channel transmitter, glow engine fuel, fuel filler, and plug

heater separately required.

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