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Venom Battery Assembly Jig

Venom Battery Assembly Jig

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The Venom™ Battery Assembly Jig is the most advanced jig currently available. It features an innovative spring-loaded
adjustable battery bar holder with an integrated foam pad to assist in keeping the cells securely in place for easy and
accurate soldering every time. With its dual battery bar holders, there is no need to remove your cells to complete the
soldering of all the battery bars.
* The Venom Battery Assembly Jig compatible with current larger sub–c cell capacities.
Venom products can be found at hobby shops throughout the U.S. and over forty-five countries worldwide.
For more information, visit Venom online at:
For more information contact Venom directly at 800-705-0620 or email us at

VEN-1599 Venom Battery Assembly Jig $14.99

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Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:06 PM

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