Trinity Reveals D5 ‘Flatliner’!

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Team Trinity has just announced the latest ‘D’ motor, the D5. as expected, it’s full of new features, including board-mounted capacitors and a radical flat-wire armature. Here’s Trinity’s official release on the new motor…New for modified racing is the long awaited D5 Flatliner. This high torque motor utilizes FlatWire™ technology for low polar moment of inertia. This lets the armature start and stop faster for more punch off the line and out of the corners. The increased surface area of FlatWire against the armature web saturates the armature laminations to a greater degree than possible with round wire. The result is a more powerful, more efficient armature for the same number of turns as compared with round wire. The D5′s Flatliner armatures come in doubles and singles to start with more winds to come. Jim Dieter recommends the singles saying they run like no single you are used to and are the best choice for almost every application.

The D5 also has a change on the endbell. It now uses an external circuit board with hard-wired capacitors. This eliminates any glitching problems from dirt getting under the heatsinks and the capacitor not making good contact. Capacitors are now visible so they are easier to inspect. This also makes taking the endbell apart and cleaning it easier as there are no little capacitors to lose.

To finish off the D5, Jim and the team came up with new ‘turbine’ can venting which increases cooling yet better manages the cans magnetic field. All in all the D5 is a higher torque and powerful motor then the P-94 especially on tracks where there is a high combination of long and short straights and low and high speed corners.

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