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Trinity Cobalt 9-Teen Spec Mod

Trinity Cobalt 9-Teen Spec Mod
“Now you can get the hottest modified in RC for 19 turn spec racing,” says Trinity. “The Cobalt 9-Teen uses the same technology that Ralph Burch used to dominate the 2005 Novak US Indoor Championships, but channels it for 19 turn spec racing.” According to Trinity, the motor meets all ROAR/ARCOR rules.

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Features: Hand wound armature; diamond trued commutator; thinnest legal armature for highest rpm; Cobalt can and endbell; FB-9 wet magnets; high-performance 4383 silver brushes; ball bearings; adjustable timing; factory installed capacitors; dyno-tuned and tweaked. Hi-torque flat-wire winds for short tracks and high-rpm round wire winds for high-speed tracks are available.

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:07 PM

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