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Axial’s Latest Crawler Parts–Axle Lock Outs, Heavy Duty Lockers and More

From Axial:

REAR AXLE LOCK-OUT. Competition Level Upgrade.

  • Improves ground clearance on the rocks. Prevents hang-ups on the rear axle.
  • Plastic lockouts are made of strong composite material, and is very cost effective.
  • Aluminum lockouts are made of strong lightweight 6061 aluminum, anodized black with a laser etched logo. They also currently offer class leading ground clearance over any existing product on the market for the AX10.


  • Made from strong sintered metal. Sintered metal provides superior metallurgical characteristics and can be manufacuted with very tight tolerances.
  • Adds weight where it is needed in the axle.
  • Simple one piece design. Reduces slop in drivetrain by eliminating cross pin.
  • Cool design, what else do you want?


SLIPPER CLUTCH. Maximize the Durability of Your Drivetrain.

  • Upgrade your current AX10 Scorpion with the slipper clutch set.  It helps protect your drivetrain from damage due to aggressive driving on the rocks and higher torque motors.
  • Reduces gear wobble. Reduces the risk of stripping out a spur gear.
  • Adjustable so you can set the amount of slip that works best for you. Allows for varying types of driving styles.


12mm ALUMINUM HEX HUB. Don’t Spin a Wheel Hub Again!

• Black cast aluminum 12mm hex hub with ridges to reduce slippage
• Held on with set screws. To prevent the hex from coming off to make maintanence easier.
• Includes a complete set of 4 hubs, cross pins, and set screws.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 5:28 PM
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