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Axial Rockster Narrow bead-lock wheels

Oversize Narrow Beadlocks

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Do you hate having to modify and glue up your tires? What about when you have to replace the tires and have to throw out a perfectly good wheel?  Well, don’t worry; we have you covered with the Axial bead-lock series of wheel that was specifically designed for Super Sized Rock Crawlers. All Axial wheels are made from super strong composite material and come in several high quality finishes so you can customize the look of your truck. 


  • Specifically designed for Super Sized Rock Crawlers
  • Includes anodized gray 6061 bead-lock ring (Optional ring styles and colors available)
  • Cool oversize modern look wheels
  • Never glue tires again
  • 4 finishes to choose from (White, Black, Chrome, Black Chrome)
  • Super strong composite material
  • Fits 17mm hex hubs, includes an adapter for standard 14mm applications
  • Pre-narrowed rock crawler wheels fit Pro-line Moab XL’s

Part numbers and EAN Codes

Part #




AX8073 877493002886
Axial Oversize Narrow Rockster Bead Lock (Chrome)
$ 42.00
AX8072 877493002879
Axial Oversize Narrow Rockster Bead Lock (Black Chrome)
$ 42.00
AX8071 877493002862
Axial Oversize Narrow Rockster Bead Lock (Black)
$ 40.00



Axial Oversize Narrow Rockster Bead Lock (White)

 $ 40.00

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Updated: December 9, 2010 — 1:54 PM
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